When we Meet

Worship: 11:00 AM Sundays.

Christian Education: 9:45 AM Sundays.

Youth Group: 6:00 PM Sundays.

Global Friends: Events monthly (contact us)


Who We Are: Peachtree Baptist Church is an historic congregation with a rich heritage and a promising future. Founded in 1847, the Church has worshiped on the same property for more than 150 years.  Now located in the heart of Atlanta, our neighborhood is racially, ethnically, socially, and economically diverse. Our congregation reflects that diversity, which we in turn reflects the kingdom of God. We identify with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

We are a Worshiping Community: We gather each Sunday for worship at 11:00 AM and to praise God, to pray, to hear from the Scripture, partake in Communion, and to encourage one another through testimony and artistic expression. We invite you to join us. Dress as you feel comfortable; you'll find someone who looks like you at Peachtree! We also have ensemble rehearsals at 7:30 PM on Wednesdays. Come make a joyful noise!

We are a Christ Centered Community: We believe in the unique message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and are seeking to live lives and build a community that is modeled after his teaching and character. We believe that Christ is uniquely revealed to us through the Bible, and is present in our daily lives.

We are a Loving Community: We seek to practice self-sacrificial love for each other and for our city. We show our love for one another by encouraging and developing genuine friendships across the human barriers that usually divide people. These friendships are primarily formed in small groups of learning and accountability.

We are a Missional Community: We reach out to make a difference in our community, are passionate about Christian discipleship and want every member and participant in our congregation to discover their place in God's mission to reconcile the world through Jesus Christ. Join with us as we are seeking to be a worshiping, witnessing, caring, prophetic community of Christ.